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Nearing the bittersweet ending

… senior year is ending. I’ve started packing. My last finals are coming up. I’m cramming in meet ups knowing the next time could be years later. It’s super bittersweet. I have such mixed feelings. I am super eager to have the year end, but at the same time, I don’t. >.> I want to move on, but I don’t. Mm.. I guess I have always been excited about living real life and moving forward into the future. However, the college experience has been so special. Yeah, there were some rough patches, but God grew me so so soo much. And the friends, whom I will call my brothers and sister are so precious and dear to me. Mmm, so many blessings to reflect on. 

I’m staying in Philly for another year, but we all know that it’s not going to be the same without the class of 2014…

It’s okay. God has a lot of great things in store! =) Hehe, like weddings for reunions. 


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happy easter 


happy easter 

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"You can have lunch only when the associate is done eating their lunch. 

This position requires excellent negotiation and interpersonal skill….

The associate needs constant attention, sometimes you have to stay up with the associate throughout the night.

If you have a life, we ask that you give that life up.” 



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Strangely Dim ~Francesca Battistelli

"When I fix my eyes on all that You are,

then every doubt I feel deep in my heart

grows strangelyyyy dimmm.

All my worries fade and fall to the ground.

Cause when I seek Your face

And don’t look around

any place I’m in grows strangelyyy dimmm.” 

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grad night testimony

Writing testimonies are so hard… >.> HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO CAPTURE ALL OF GOD’S FAITHFULNESS IN THREE MINUTES?!!!?!?!?!


I’ve been looking through these past two years of blogging for grad night speech inspiration. It’s pretty crazy how much has happened, how far God has taken me. It really brings me back down memory lane of both ups and downs, struggles, and celebrations. But through it all, what stands out is how consistently faithful God is. Always. 

He is such a AMAZING God, worthy of our praise.


(I guess I also have to thank someone for inspiring me to start a blog. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have it to reflect back to memories I would have forgotten. Thank you KY).

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This boy’s momma

Imagine being the parent of a child who has a medical history longer than our daily busy to-do list, have had more surgeries than you can count on your fingers, and spent more time in the hospital than going on family vacations… all before the age of 5. 

Yes, we say life is rough all the time. But honestly, as I am guilty of this as well, we toss it around too lightly. I cannot fathom what it’s like to be the child or to be a parent of such a sick child and still have the strength and hope to keep going. This mom is a Christian, regularly attends church, and bring’s this adorable little boy along. This strong faith is impressive. Praising God…literally through the storms. (Btw, she has another child and one due soon). 

It is such a privilege that I have the opportunity to witness such faith and resilience. It’s incredible to see glimpses of God’s wonderful work. 

This is why I love nursing. 

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A 3-Year Old Boy Walked Out On Stage and SHOCKED Everyone! INCREDIBLE! →

I can’t get over it. 

我跳舞的时候,我妈妈就笑。"When I dance, my mom laughs"

妈妈说明笑就是幸福。“My mom says laughing is happiness”




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Healing hearts is outside of my scope of practice.

My own included. 

But thank God, He can. =)

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